Number of people / ages of children

The maximum number of attendees is 8. The minimum is 4.

For some crafts we have a lower maximum since the activities either take up more space or we have a certain number of sets of equipment available – this will be stated in the party deposit details if it applies.

The minimum age for children’s parties is 9 years old (the birthday child turning 9) if their friends are in the same school year but not yet 9 this is fine.

The birthday child’s younger sibling(s) may attend also but please bear in mind that if they will take part in the craft then they count as an attendee for the party and they may need another adult to help them with the craft – if they are too young for the craft please note that we cannot supervise them at the party so an additional adult should be present to take care of them.

At least one parent or legal guardian must attend for the whole party. Parents / guardians are responsible for all the party attendees – please be sure you have phone numbers for the children’s parents in the unlikely case of an accident. In general we don’t count adults as “attendees” at children’s parties (unless they will also take part and do the craft).

Length of party

Most of our crafts can be completed in 2 hours, this is an estimate and some people can take longer to finish. We do not charge extra if the party overruns but you should allow a bit of extra time just in case.

The 2 hours does not include our setup or cleanup time (we do this outside your reserved party time).

Your finished items

Wherever possible your guests will be able to take their finished items home on the day. Sometimes things will need to be left to dry or be finished by us after the party – e.g. Fimo will need to be baked after the party. If we have to finish something after the party then you will be able to pick up your finished items at the Craft Room a day or two after the party. See the details on the party deposit page if it applies.

Food and drinks

You are welcome to bring cake (with candles too), but this must be kept separate from crafting – you can either take a break or do it at the end when everyone has finished making.

We don’t have room to put out a lot of food, but you may bring other small snacks (again, separate from crafting area). Please help us to make sure children in particular wash their hands before eating anything.

We provide tap water, syrup for children, coffee and tea – this is included in the price. If you wish to bring other drinks then please do, we have a regular size fridge which you can use. You may also bring alcoholic drinks.

We have plates, cups and glasses available, including also plastic ones – we prefer if you use ours rather than bring disposable ones. We also have napkins.

Rubbish and cleaning

We deal with all the rubbish, including recycling of any glass or plastic bottles. We clean up, there’s no need to do any tidying up or cleaning afterwards.

You are welcome to decorate the Craft Room with balloons, banners etc. – just let us know if you want to come earlier to do that (there’s no extra charge – we will be at the Craft Room at least 30 mins before your party to set up anyway). For birthdays we have a small happy birthday sign.

Spoken English

Our teachers speak English – if you have children attending who do not speak English then you must provide someone to translate for them. We normally find that as long as some of the kids are fluent that they will help the others to follow instructions but it’s helpful if they all have some level of English understanding.

Booking process and payment

After we receive your payment of the party deposit, your date is reserved. There will be an additional per-person fee still to pay – this is dependent on the number of attendees and the craft chosen. Please let us know the number of attendees (the number of persons crafting) at least one week before the party so that we can invoice you the final amount and be sure to have enough materials available for all the attendees. The final payment must be made before the party date.

Please book your party early! We may need to order items for your party and this can take time. Ideally we would like a month’s notice.

See the notes below about cancellations and rescheduling.


The Craft Room is not liable for damages to anything owned by the participants e.g. stained clothing, personal possessions or accidents – participants should have their own insurance. We advise participants to wear old clothing – the Craft Room is not the place for best frocks! We generally do not provide aprons for crafts, and it’s always possible that spillages and stains may occur – paint and glue may not wash out and Fimo can dull varnished nails.

The Craft Room is a working Atelier and normal wear and tear includes things like accidental scratches on the table, a chipped mug or accidental splash of paint / glue – but breakages that are costly to replace or that may affect our rental deposit will be billed to the party organiser.

Cancellations and rescheduling

If you cancel up to 2 weeks before the party date we will refund you in full.
If you cancel 1 to 2 weeks before the party we will retain the 150CHF deposit.
If you cancel with less than a week to the party payment in full will be due.

If you need to reschedule due to an emergency or illness we will do our very best to offer you an alternative date at no extra cost, but this will be subject to availability of the Craft Room and the teacher. If we can’t find a possibility then the cancellation fees above apply.

Other questions?

Contact us here with any other questions you might have.