The Craft Room has various different options for children to come and craft. We sometimes offer parent and child workshops and we can also schedule private classes for your child individually or for a group. Just contact us to ask us what is possible.

General age limits

Our minimum age for parent-and-child workshops is usually 7 years – occasionally we might allow younger ones for specific workshops so please read the workshop details.

Children 10 years or older are welcome to join most of our adult classes – but please let us know and we will advise whether the class is suitable.

Children 10 and over are welcome to stay at the Craft Room alone – with a parent’s permission – younger children must be accompanied by a parent, but parents can take advantage of our lounge area with free coffee and tea if they don’t wish to craft also.

Crochet and knitting

For crochet and knitting our minimum age is 10. These crafts can be difficult for children to master in a short time and we want your child to have fun at the Craft Room! If your child wants to learn crochet or knitting, we recommend a series of private classes to get them going. Fill in our private class form here to ask us about options.


Private classes are a great option for budding tailors – children age 8+ can be taught how to use a sewing machine to make bags, clothes, toys and other items. Our sewing machines at the Craft Room are regular adult sewing machines since these are generally more reliable than those made specifically for children, but if your child is using a children’s machine at home then of course we can teach on that too if you bring it with you – if you have an adult machine at home that you would rather bring anyway so your child gets used to using it then it’s fine to bring that too. Fill in our private class form here to ask us about options.

Other crafts

Lots of other crafts – paper crafts, fimo and other things are suitable for children, just get in touch to discuss possible options.