Parties and Get Togethers

Parties and Get Togethers

Girls night out? Baby shower? Friend who just got engaged? Crafting birthday party?

We can organise a get together for you and your friends to make something together and celebrate.
We have space for up to 8 adults (max 10, depending on the activities) to come and craft together. We can give you projects to work on or you can suggest your own. For children’s parties our minimum age is 9.

Prices depend on activities, the number of attendees and the length of the party. Fill in your details below for a completely non-binding price offer.

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Card makingFimo (polymer clay)DecoupageSewingPorcelain pen drawingPlease suggest something for us

Possible days / times (note - we can't always offer all these options, but the more possibilities you give us the better):
Monday: MorningAfternoonEvening
Tuesday: MorningAfternoonEvening
Wednesday: MorningAfternoonEvening
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Friday: MorningAfternoonEvening
Saturday: MorningAfternoonEvening
Sunday: MorningAfternoonEvening

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