There’s nothing I love more than a bit of mandala. It’s a lovely thing to doodle in the evening as a relaxation. It can also be the basis of some awesome designs on cushions, T-shirts, cards, you name it you can mandala it (I’m not sure there is a verb to mandala something, but hey, what the heck!)

I draw a lot of free hand doodle mandalas for my own amusement, but they are never perfectly circular. This is one I drew free-hand on a T-shirt.

Because it anyway gets stretched when you wear it, in this case it doesn’t matter so much that it isn’t a perfect circle. The same is true on most fabric items – the fabric is likely to move about.

But if you want to make beautiful symmetrical mandalas on paper or other hard flat surfaces then the secret is to invest in some basic geometry tools – a compass, a set square and a ruler.

You then want to draw yourself a set of concentric circles with the compass and divide your circles into segments with the ruler and set square. Then start in the middle and away you go – using the segment lines to help you.

I draw my circles and outlines with pencil lines that I can rub out afterwards, and I draw my mandalas directly in pen, but you can also pencil line everything and go over it. If you make a mistake in pen then don’t screw your work up and bin it – if you repeat the mistake all around the circle it will become part of your design. This is one of the things I find quite satisfying about the whole mandala process, nothing is wrong.

Mandalas can be coloured in, shaded, cut out and stuck onto all kinds of things. So go make a mandala! We regularly run mandala classes where you can learn techniques for drawing mandalas. Check out the paper crafts and drawing section for dates.





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