Rent the Craft Room

At the moment it’s not possible to rent the Craft Room due to Covid-19, however do feel free to get in touch with me if it’s something you’re interested in when the pandemic is over.

Are you interested in renting our space to run your own craft class or have a craft related get together of your own?
It is now possible to rent our space for three slots – morning / afternoon / evening.
Each slot costs 42CHF (or two slots in the same day for 70CHF, all three for 100CHF).

Please note: we do not rent the Craft Room for children’s birthday parties (unless it is a party run by us) and the Craft Room is to be used only for quiet activities – preference will always be given to creative past-times and craft related activities.

The Craft Room has two rooms, separated with a connecting door.

  • Our lounge room is furnished with a sofa and comfy chairs and has a sink, coffee and tea making facilities, a fridge and microwave. We also have a mobile air conditioning unit.
  • Our crafting room has a sink, and is furnished with a large table which can seat 8 without being extended – it is possible to also extend the table to seat 10 people, however the space around the table is then limited. There is also a coat stand and all our craft supplies are stored in this room in various cupboards.

Toilet facilities are available in the hall outside the Craft Room.

During your rental you may use the Craft Room tools, such as sewing machines, fimo tools, paper cutting tools, scissors etc. Consumable goods (glue, paper, fimo etc.) can also be used at a charge, or you can bring your own.

If you are interested in renting the Craft Room, please get in touch with us here.