Hand dyed yarn

Make your your own hand dyed yarn at the Craft Room, using hand painting techniques. We will use commercial acid dyes and natural un-dyed wool to make gorgeous multi-coloured yarn! Learn how we make our Gundeliyarn at the Craft Room and create something completely unique for yourself. Our dyes will be set using vinegar and microwave heating.

At the end of the class your hand dyed yarn will be colourfast (it will not leak dye) but it will still be damp – it will take a few days to completely dry hanging up at home.

The yarn comes wound in a skein for dying, but you will need to wind it into a ball once dry before you knit or crochet with it. We can do that for you at the Craft Room with our swift and ball winder (you’ll need to bring your dry skein back to us) or we can show you how to do it at home using a chair or a spare-person’s pair of arms.


62.- CHF


The class fee includes:
– 2 skeins (200g) of DK weight yarn – 100% wool
– use of our dyes
– protective gloves
Important! Please bring an apron – and wear clothes that you don’t mind getting an accidental splash of dye on.


4 spaces available in each class

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