About us

Room 1 in The Craft Room

The Craft Room is a space in Basel where you can come and make things!
The Craft Room has two separate rooms: Room 1 has a table and chairs which makes it a perfect space for paper craft, fimo and other crafts where a surface is needed. Room 2 has comfy sofas and armchairs, which are great to sit in and crochet or knit the hours away. We have a selection of teas including Yorkshire tea. We also have a portafilter coffee machine which makes lovely cappuccinos using freshly ground beans.
At the Craft Room we offer open sessions, where you can bring your own projects to work on, and classes where we show you how to make a project or teach you a skill. We mainly focus on yarn crafts, paper crafts, fabric crafts and polymer clay, however we do sometimes offer sessions that cover other crafts. Have a look at our classes page to see what we currently have on offer.
The Craft Room was opened by Lisa Collins and Helen Gilroy in November 2016, who love teaching at The Craft Room and can’t wait to meet you!

You can keep in touch with us on our Facebook page.

Room 2 in The Craft Room

Lisa Collins
Is a British expat living in Basel for 20 years and is a Mum of two school age boys. Lisa’s always made things for as long as she can remember, as a child she was always drawing or sticking something together. She learned to sew at school and continued dressmaking through adulthood, making everything from everyday clothes to evening dresses and even her own wedding dress. Lisa loves to knit (especially socks and lace), and crochet, and also has an obsession with Mandalas and polymer clay. Lisa teaches knitting, sewing, polymer clay and parent and child workshops.

Helen Gilroy
Is also a Brit who has lived in Basel since 2013. Helen loved making things from an early age, but it wasn’t until she joined a group called Cake and Make in York, UK in 2008 that she really honed in her crafty skills. Since coming to Basel, she has wanted to recreate that inspiring crafty atmosphere and thinks that The Craft Room is the perfect place for it. She’s got years of teaching experience and has run many craft sessions for a women’s group here in Basel and she also co-organised Craftaway 2015, a craft retreat in Yorkshire, UK. Helen runs classes in crochet and paper crafts. She sells her paper and yarn craft items under the brand name GirlHasCake