At The Craft Room we offer a variety of crafting classes.
We cover topics including knitting, sewing and fabric crafts, crochet and more.

All classes take place at the Craft Room in the Gundeli area of Basel and are taught in English.

Classes for beginners to advanced knitters

Knit your first stitches, knit a scarf, learn cables, lace knitting and knitting in the round. Take one class or combine classes for a complete course. Click here for details of knitting classes.

Introduction classes and sewing projects

Take your first steps behind the sewing machine, make a skirt or bag, learn how to do clothing alterations. Click here for details of sewing classes.

Even more crafts!

The Craft Room is happy to welcome guest teacher Jo Todd – she is here to teach you all about crochet, paper crafts and other creative crafts. Jo also offers parent and child classes. Read more about Jo’s classes here.

Parent and child workshops

The Craft Room occasionally runs parent and child workshops for children age 7 and over. Read more about parent and child classes here.

Open sessions

At the Craft Room we offer free open sessions where you can bring your own project and enjoy a chat and a coffee in our Craft lounge. Read more about open sessions.

Private classes

If there’s a class you’re interested in and can’t make the date – find out about private classes.

Parties and gatherings

And if you’d like to have a gathering or a party read more about parties here.

Latest Blog Posts

Taking your knitting needles (and crochet hooks) on the plane

Taking your knitting needles (and crochet hooks) on the plane

I’m sure a lot of you will be jetting off home for the holidays and something I often stress about is taking my knitting or crochet on the plane. Will my stuff be confiscated at the x-ray? There seems to be no standard answer to the question, and reading the airline rules will often give you no clear answer, so here are my tips for […]

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Lace Knitting Tips

Lace Knitting Tips

Knitting lace patterns is both wonderful and can be difficult. Over the years I have gone from being scared of it, to being able to do it, to actually really enjoying to do it. And the difference is really in the tips I learned for how to make it easier and how to fix mistakes along the way. Every lace pattern is made with a […]

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Making Tiny Unicorns

Making Tiny Unicorns

When I first started looking into making charms from Fimo, I admit the size of those tiny little things was a bit daunting. But making tiny unicorns – well who doesn’t want to do that?! I just had to try, and if it was too fiddly well at least I would have tried once in my life to make an actual tiny unicorn. In the […]

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